Uh, hello. You are gorgeous.


Uh, hello. You are gorgeous.

haven’t forgotten

Sorry for the small hiatus you guys, i’ve had one busy week. 

Midterms stacked on midterms, halloween preparation, house mamadrama, a newfound hobby of lightshows and kandi bracelets all got me wrapped up in the otherworld -you know, the one that doesn’t matter because it’s not tumblr. 

But I’m back now! Of course I always have recipes up my sleeve to share with you. 

On another note, I’m ready to get my partying on. 

oh yes, my halloween costume came in early yesterday <3

oh yes, my halloween costume came in early yesterday <3

Anonymous asked: Reason #27 I hate people: "thahungryhipster"

Reason #69 I’m beginning to think tumblr has turned into a bunch of 14-year old whiners: thapussyanon

sorry bro but i promised all this month to title my url in memory of someone. if you wanna keep hating until the 31st, please send me reasons #1-26 why you hate people. but of course, do so anonymously

pumpkin withdrawals

It’s autumn and all I can think about is cuddling, studying, and pumpkin. 

There’s been an absence of all three, but to be honest, the lack of pumpkin in my life right now is the most concerning. For the most part, it is my fault, I cannot lie. I refuse to make any sweet pumpkin dish without pumpkin pie spice and because I’m all out, I had to order some on Amazon. Three 1.8 oz bottles for the price of just one sold at the grocery store (can you say ridiculous? it’s the same brand too). The spice just adds so much more to the flavor, I would feel as though I was cheating the dish if I didn’t use it.

But it’s said to arrive Tuesday! Not so long of a wait right?


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